Best prospects for experienced professionals

Young professionals welcome

Expand your area of expertise, enhance your skills, and assume responsibility. As a Project Manager, Project Engineer, or Consultant, you are in close contact with the client and the project. You do not only work at a desk, but also in the field – at meetings or on the construction site. You use your expertise and communication skills to find the best solution for our clients and to keep all project participants on track. Experienced colleagues support your on-the-job training. We also support your professional development with a broad range of offerings in the Drees & Sommer Academy, allowing you to continue enhancing both your professional expertise and soft skills.

Heike Titze

Senior Project Partner, Stuttgart

‘I have been given a lot of opportunities so far. I was able to assume the tasks of a project manager at a very early stage before I became a Project Partner. So I always had the feeling that challenges were also being acknowledged accordingly.’

International opportunities

If you would like to work internationally, Drees & Sommer offers a wide range of opportunities. You can work abroad a few days a week on a specific project, or support colleagues at an international office for several months. And if you are ready for a long-term international post, you can apply to one of our representative offices worldwide. You can find current vacancies on ou  job portal.

There are also many opportunities for your development at national level. You can specialize in a specific sector, support a major project, or establish yourself as a specialist. During the year and at annual performance reviews, you discuss and agree your development goals and reach agreements on them with your line manager. In this way, you take responsibility not only for your projects, but also for your personal development.

Challenging tasks for experienced specialists and managers

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