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We provide technical expertise, solve problems, offer general advice and assistance, act as the project manager, oversee our construction sites, generate reports and ideas, all in line with the clients’ specifc needs. We employ some 3,820 people at 46 locations worldwide, who are assigned one of three core tasks: project management, engineering or consulting. They collaborate and communicate in teams, across disciplines and geographical boundaries – to deliver complete answers to our clients’ imperatives. What role would you most like to play?


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What we offer

Your personal development

At Drees & Sommer, you will go through continuous professional and personal development, gradually taking on more responsibility – for projects, subject areas or teams. This will be facilitated by our structured onboarding process at the start, in addition to regular meetings and the Group’s Academy with its range of further education and training opportunities.

Onboarding and Performance Appraisal

We want you to get off to a flying start and to feel part of the Group right from the beginning and. For this to happen, you need all the important information and access to the relevant network. That is why, in addition to your line manager, a mentor will be assigned to you to answer any questions you many have. We also offer an onboarding consultation to professionals with more than four years’ experience.

As a professional, you discuss your impressions with your line manager after 100 days and are provided with initial feedback. At the end of the probationary period, you and your line manager discuss you experiences and define goals for your work together in the future. You will revisit these goals in the annual appraisal review and discuss new challenges and opportunities for development.

Your Prospects Within The Partnership

The foundation of the Drees & Sommer Group is formed by the project managers, consultants and project engineers, who work in teams to carry out the projects. Those who take responsibility for an entire project become project partners. If their know-how, experience and competence makes them an expert in a specific area, they perform the role of senior project partner.

As they take on more extensive functions such as responsibility for a team or a location, they can become associate partners. As managing partners of the Drees & Sommer Group, the partners are independent entrepreneurs with responsibility for the Group. Everyone has a chance of promotion to one of these roles through ability, commitment and relevant professional experience.

Staff Development With Keep on Learning

Keep on Learning: no matter what role you are in or how much experience you have gathered, you can always learn something new. This is the guiding principle of our employee development policy. Each member of staff is urged to tackle the issue – whether at the relevant location, in projects, by sharing knowledge on the intranet or through inspirational work with institutions of higher education and associations.

The Drees & Sommer Academy

A major component of our staff development program is the Drees & Sommer Academy. This is where the best learn from the best. The catchphrase by us, for us means that knowledge is mainly imparted by colleagues, in addition to external lecturers. In the Academy, employees learn more about the Drees & Sommer approach, the tools and methods we use, and important soft skills. The entire Academy is based on an advanced blended learning concept that combines classroom-based events and e-learning. For international colleagues, courses are offered in English.

  • The Basic course offers basic information about the company and training in, for instance, discussion techniques or consulting skills.
  • The Professional course enables employees to broaden their knowledge of all the company’s fields of activity, and look in greater depth at the important issues in their immediate environment.
  • Special includes challenging courses that enable participants to bring complex, large-scale and difficult projects in their specialist area to a successful conclusion. For instance, they offer the opportunity for employees to obtain internationally recognized certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP®).


We also offer parallel training in soft skills. Additionally, there are several courses covering new market requirements. Our management development policy specifically supports those who take on management responsibilities. Prospective managers are systematically prepared for their new roles.

Working abroad

Would you like to broaden your horizons and gain experience working abroad? The Drees & Sommer Group offers many opportunities to do this. Our roots are in Germany, but we have also maintained a presence in key international markets for many years. Think global – act local. This principle describes the approach we take. We either have our own international offices on site, or we accompany clients abroad for their projects.