“At the end of the day, Facility Management is about satisfied employees and a pleasant working day”

Source: Lamb Weston/Meije
Source: Lamb Weston/Meije
Source: Lamb Weston/Meije
Source: Lamb Weston/Meije
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Along the N289 towards Goes lies Kruiningen, a small village in Zuid-Beveland on the Westerschelde. This is where the Lamb Weston/Meijer company laid the foundation of the much-loved potato products such as fries, potato croquettes and pommes duchesses. A new management model required repositioning of their facilities department. Lamb Weston/Meijer contacted Drees & Sommer.

From its head office in Kruiningen and six production sites in Europe, Lamb Weston/Meijer (LW/M), with the help of 1,400 employees, processes potatoes to deep-frozen products. They supply these products to customers in the EMEA region. We spoke with Ton Maltha (Services Leader at LW/M) and Jasper Essing (Facility Management Consultant at Drees & Sommer Netherlands).

Transition phase
Ton Maltha: “LW/M was in a transition phase aimed at a future-proof services organization, in response to the new Company Management Model. We asked Drees & Sommer to investigate what would be the best solution to establish and structure a facility organization.” “Based on the new organizational structure, Facility Management Consulting (FM) became part of the services department,” Jasper Essing adds, “in support of the core activities of the company.”

Strict requirements
In addition to FM support during the organizational change, the company also developed a strategy. The focus was to create an effective and efficient FM organization. The FM department got a more extensive range of services with cafeteria & food services, courier services, cleaning, safety, office furniture and reception, as well as pest control. Jasper Essing: “The challenge for LW/M was to develop a central approach in a company which had previously handled FM in a decentralized way. Our goal was to ensure high-quality and customer-oriented facility management, which ultimately leads to satisfied employees. It is important to us that they have a pleasant and inspiring workplace.”

Drees & Sommer, in close cooperation with LW/M, has developed a European strategy for FM at its head office in Kruiningen and the production sites in the Netherlands, Austria and the United Kingdom. This resulted in an advisory report which specifies facility policy including activities, roles and responsibilities. The report provides a roadmap showing the direction for the coming years.

Ton Maltha: “We are satisfied with the result. Drees & Sommer employs professional people with a modest attitude, who make sure they know everything they need to know before they start with their assignment. We can move forward now!”


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