360° TDD: future-proofing real estate investments

The future of the Real Estate market cannot be precisely predicted but what we do know is that the next generation buildings and assets will look different to those we see today. The enormous ecological footprint of our buildings has attracted an additional price-tag due to new European financial regulations. Global trends in digitisation, e-mobility, healthy indoor environments along with new design factors are calling for new developments, adding pressure on existing assets which cannot cope with this transition and may end up as future "Stranded Assets". How can you foresee that your real estate investments will withstand the test of time and respond to ever-changing digital and environmental dynamics?

Having a future-proof and resilient asset is on the agenda of a conscious risk manager during real-estate transactions. We support our clients in making the right decisions today for a sustainable tomorrow. This requires extending the Due Diligence perspective beyond "building fabric" to a 360° analysis. At Drees & Sommer, we conducted our first Technical Due Diligence (TDD) assessment 30 years ago, building a solid track record across Europe, the Middle East and China. Our experts draw upon the wealth of technical and real estate knowledge to assess complex projects and portfolios with strong technical and operational drivers. Within our interdisciplinary team, we have honed expertise to work on emerging real estate future trends in Smart Buildings, Electric Mobility, Circular Economy, Zero Carbon and Environmental, Social and Governance. We have launched five new modules to help you make the highest return on your investment.

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Contact: Elger Groenland, Head of Real Estate Consulting at Drees & Sommer Netherlands