New Sdu office

New Sdu office leads to different way of working

The building ‘Haagsche Arc' is a well-known and an iconic office building in The Hague. In 2019, Sdu moved its office to this visible location on the Maanweg along the A12 highway. After working with Drees & Sommer in an earlier project, Sdu appointed the Project Management and consulting company to supervise their relocation process.

Sdu provides expert multimedia information for professionals who work in legislation and regulation. The former facility on the Prinses Beatrixlaan in The Hague was no longer suitable to carry out daily operations. The office building on the Maanweg is characterized by two connected white towers that stand out against the surroundings. Sdu fully uses one of the towers in this multi-tenant building: 12 floors with a total of approximately 7.000 m².

Workplace concept

The tower previously housed the International Criminal Court (ICC), for which the building was thoroughly renovated including a cell complex. For Sdu, these modifications have been remodelled  again. The Drees & Sommer team developed a workplace concept and interior design to stimulate a new way of working and collaborating. As client representative, Drees & Sommer supervised quality, planning and budget during the renovation and fit-out of the new office. The company also coordinated workplace and meeting room furniture, custom-made furniture and planting and styling of the spaces.

"The set-up of the new building has led to a different way of working. Flex working has been embraced by everyone - thanks to the new concept. Everyone chooses which activities they do, where and when", Sandra Camonier (Sdu)

Change management

An important part of the project entails the change management process. For a year, employees of Sdu were prepared and guided by Drees & Sommer and were involved in the transition: aligning from the old situation to the new workplace set-up.

"We can design and develop all sorts of things on the kitchen table, but eventually it has to be used in practice” ,Ludo Basten (Drees & Sommer)

Sustainable employability

The goal of the new Sdu office was to enhance the sustainable employability of the employees, stimulate more job satisfaction, less absence from work and higher productivity.

"It is striking to see how quickly people have found their way in the building and how the building is being greatly appreciated", Siebe Beintema (Sdu)

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