Cost Consulting

Cost Consulting

Costing is an essential concern when it comes to housing and spatial planning. Depending on the market you’re operating in, and whether you have a commercial or municipal property, it’s important to have a reliable indication of the costs from the initial concept, right through to realization. Cost management is certainly one of the critical success factors of a project, throughout the entire development and realization process.

Finances under control
As the client, you want your end product to be realized on time, in accordance with the agreements with various stakeholders, according to your requirements and, of course, within budget. As a member of the Netherlands Association of Construction Cost Experts (Nederlandse Vereniging van Bouw Kostendeskundigen (NVBK)), a Registered Cost Manager (Register Kostenmanager (RKN)) and an associate of the Netherlands Association of Procurement Professionals (Nederlandse Vereniging van Inkopers (NEVI)), we are your perfect partner. With our clear advice, planning expertise and management reporting, you’ll have oversight of the process and can be certain in your decisions.

Research and estimations
Our knowledge and experience allow us to use up-to-date information to calculate your general construction site costs, make component estimates and work out the construction timeframe for your project. We can also be involved in meetings with the parties performing the work, either with you or on your behalf. We locate bottlenecks at an early stage and help to clarify the financial consequences of every decision. Our USP is our integral approach, which links the construction costs with the technical aspects.

Construction costs and sustainability
Operational costs, on the one hand, and end-user demand, on the other, are driving the increasing emphasis on sustainability and circularity. Sustainability certifications like BREEAM and WELL are regularly used as the gold standard. In the educational sector, the Frisse Scholen principles are often the starting point, and in healthcare, it’s the Green Deal approach. Our Green Construction Cost Experts are well-placed to advise you and contribute ideas in this area. We work with our own BREEAM assessors prior to certification. As a member of the Dutch Green Building Council we are actively involved in increasing the sustainability of the built environment.

Our services

  • Investment projection: optimal insight into returns and financial feasibility for your construction project. We calculate the investment costs (NEN 2631) on the basis of the provisional architect’s designs, considering all activities, materials and services involved in the construction project.
  • Component estimate: a rough budget plan based on the initial sketches or a budget at element level based on the fully drawn-up plans. Based on sound architectural and installation-technical principles.
  • Construction cost estimate: insight into the structure of construction costs with a volume study, rough conceptual design, or architect’s drawings. The costs can be more precisely worked out using an investment cost calculation.
  • Residual land value assessment: we determine the residual land value on the basis of the construction and investment costs in the initial project phase. We also advise local authorities on the actual investment costs in order to arrive at the residual land value.
  • Management budget: very detailed budget plan in accordance with the specifications, with insight into the construction price and the structure, in order to compare and assess the contractors’ tender budgets.
  • Construction costs and quality assessment: in every phase, we assess the costs compared to the initial construction budget to identify financial bottlenecks as early as possible.
  • Quick scan construction-cost analysis: advice for local authorities on the actual quality-for-cost of the parts discounted by the contractor/developer in construction projects.
  • Construction cost management: at each phase, the building consultants assess whether the costs are still progressing according to budget, to help the developer. Our clear advice, planning expertise and management reporting give you oversight of the process, so you can be certain in your decisions.

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