Development Management

Development Management

Local authorities, companies, developers, property investors, and educational and care institutions are all now more frequently choosing to delegate the (re)development of their properties. This could be because of capacity management, or because they require a development that calls for specialist expertise. As an independent organization, Drees & Sommer is an experienced delegated developer.

In safe hands
Our background in technology, spatial planning, financing, development management, and project management, as well as our expertise in contracts, means our clients can feel totally relaxed with us at the helm. From questions on pricing and tenders, to advice and support on acquisitions, our specialists have wide and demonstrable experience at all stages of development.

Sharing risk
We’ve been involved in a wide variety of projects in the Netherlands to help clients get a grip on (complex) development trajectories and to support them with feasibility. We go further than anyone else in this respect. We understand the risk profile of our client and are prepared to participate. After all, a cooperation characterized by a common interest gives both parties the greatest chance of success.

We are in step with all current development trends, especially regarding sustainability, cradle-to-cradle, circularity, and CO2 and nitrogen reduction. Drawing on years of accumulated expertise and experience, we are in the position to support local authorities, companies, developers, property investors, and educational and care institutions with spatial (development) problems and challenges, no matter how simple or complex.

Our services

  • Delegated developer: our project managers can take on the role of delegated project developers during any phase of the project, supporting from the site survey, right through to the competitive tender or development bidding process. Within the framework of the project, we work towards implementing a successful process. Our knowledge and expertise in financing, concepts, procedures, and market approaches is what makes us stand out from the competition.
  • Risk management: using the RISMAN method, we chart risks through a continuous and cyclical process, by creating an impact analysis and implementing and monitoring control measures.
  • Strategic accommodation plan: developing a future-proof vision of your accommodation needs, tailored to your organization and targets. We consider quality, quantity, financing, functionality, maintenance, and sustainability.
  • Site survey: advice based on the design brief and analyses of the site in relation to accessibility, purpose, transformation/redevelopment, opportunities to expand, image and financing, amongst other things.
  • Concept development: within the framework of the site, we consider global ambition, financial feasibility, technical manufacturability, and political context, and weave these into a tailored concept.
  • Feasibility analysis: analysis of the development in the context of, amongst other things, financial springboards and investments, quality, risks, the market, social benefits (public/political), and (international) guidelines.
  • Area development: establishing the optimal mix and creative integration of a development in a town or suburb, supervising planning and social challenges, involving all stakeholders, drawing up land-use plans and cost planning, and supervising the zoning plan and licensing procedures.
  • Tender management: putting together a well-balanced tender team of specialists (specific to the task) and analyzing the request, specifications, and market consultations to be able to submit a winning tender.
  • Development management: years of accumulated expertise and experience has placed us in the perfect position to support governments, local authorities, and commercial partners with spatial problems, however simple or complex.
  • Design & Build: development and implementation are conveniently covered in one, with a familiar construction team and all parties knowing what is expected. Drees & Sommer take the lead as advisors, becoming the contact point for clients, relieving them of the burden of System Engineering (SE).

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