Construction Management

Construction Management

Want to keep your construction project completely under control? Want to know exactly what’s happening at every phase, and how unexpected events can affect your planning and budget? Drees & Sommer is your perfect partner for quality construction management. We create peace of mind, deliver quality, avoid risk and, with 50 years of international experience, provide innovative, quality-enhancing, cost-saving solutions.

Construction projects
As an independent advisor, we support and guide you through the entire construction process, whether it’s a new build, renovation, restoration, or maintenance. Our advisors and project managers ensure that your construction project, in the commercial or social property sector, is guaranteed to be realized on time and within budget, in accordance with all agreements.

Our methods
We apply the GROTICK methodology in the field of construction management, focusing on financing, risks, organization, time, information, communication, and quality. We have an in-house specialist for every aspect of the project. Our construction cost managers ensure all financial aspects run smoothly at every phase, while our project managers and supervisors ensure quality during implementation.

Our services

  • Construction management: tailored support and guidance throughout the construction process, ensuring the project meets its commitments.
  • Project management: the project manager is your responsible point of contact on site, managing construction meetings, directing the physical construction of the project, and managing contracts, finance, and project organization. They focus on quality, cooperation, risk management, safety, and sustainability during implementation, helping to avoid any additional work or rework.
  • Supervisory services: the supervisor supports the project manager or client in monitoring and maintaining the intended quality of the construction. They focus on quality, cooperation, risk management, safety and sustainability during implementation, helping to avoid any additional work or rework.
  • Quality control: monitoring the quality of implementation, including reporting, from the start of the construction up to, and including, moving in.
  • Quality management: proactive guidance of the construction process and all affected parties, so that the desired quality level is maintained at every phase of the project.
  • (Private) Quality assurance: part of legal quality assurance measures, whereby we supervise compliance with (Dutch) national legal building regulations.
  • Mediation: independent mediation in the case of discrepancies in fulfilling requirements by all affected construction parties.
  • Plan testing: using the architects plan as our guiding principle, we rate the design based on technical and functional quality, appearance in relation to budget and volume in relation to zoning and permits.
  • General Construction Management: GCM combines project management, design services and construction management in one simple package, with one convenient point of contact for you.
  • Lean Construction Management: LCM® by Drees & Sommer offers integrated solutions for the flexible and lean management of a construction project, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency and a seamless, robust plan.

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