Project Management Fit-out

Project Management Fit-out

Often, optimizing existing accommodation options or finding appropriate new accommodation goes hand-in-hand with fundamental change in your organization. Current trends such as sustainability, digitalization or events that effect the economy can also be a trigger. The project managers at Drees & Sommer translate your ambitions and requirements into a new accommodation concept and support you in its realization. We believe that workplaces can be a catalyst for successfully meeting your organization’s goals.

Positive user experience
Our mission is to create positive user experiences that contribute to the success of your company. Ultimately, what matters most are people – the end-users of the building. A positive experience increases productivity, improves collaboration, attracts new talent, and creates committed, energetic employees and a positive working culture. Our integral approach enables us to create healthy and smart buildings, and ‘happy people’, for a strong brand identity, both internally and to external parties. We keep pace with trends like smart building, well-being and ‘People & Planet’, to reach your goals. A building must not become a barrier to health and well-being, it should be a safe place for all its users.  

Visualize, realize, operate
Drees & Sommer is your one-stop-shop for a comprehensive portfolio of services and 50 years of international experience. Our project managers support you every step of the way, alongside our specialists in UX, design and FM, from the initial ideas and design, to change management, realization, and facilities management. The integral team supports you in project planning, budget management, information management, communication, and decision-making processes, as well as risk management and quality monitoring, all based on our professional management methodologies.

Our services

  • Feasibility studies: translating your ambitions into a design brief and assessing existing or potential new property investments against the set framework and brief, resulting in sound property advice.
  • Program management/quality monitoring: monitoring and management of projects and processes, to keep them running on time and to the required quality standards.
  • Design management: the design brief defines the quantitative and qualitative requirements and criteria before the design, and we use it throughout the coordination of the design process as a measurable framework for all involved parties. This helps us manage planning, quality and budget with clear communication and information.
  • Project management: using management methodologies to coordinate the entire project realization process within the specified time, quality, and budget framework. We consider technical solutions and use planning methodologies to ensure the optimum project time. We manage the procurement of services prior to realizing the project.
  • Construction management: breaking down realization services and supporting all parties without the intervention of a main contractor. The Drees & Sommer construction manager is responsible for the day-to-day management at the site.
  • Turnkey approach: taking the stress away from the client, by taking responsibility and managing the risk for the entire process and realization phase.
  • Moving management: planning and coordinating your move to make it as smooth as possible (managing internal and external factors), with as little interruption as possible to your core processes.

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