Project Management

Project Management

Drees & Sommer supports you through the entire construction process as your professional ‘temporary’ project management department. We accompany you, our client, during the construction process, so that you can make timely decisions based on sound advice. Our project managers offer you professional expertise and support in the field of plan development, design management, project planning, budget and quality monitoring, organization, communication, and risk management.

Our methods   
Our first task is to define, together with you, the framework and boundary conditions. Then, we set up the appropriate project organization structure, with the clearest decision-making procedures. Before starting a project, Drees & Sommer presents a project plan showing all project phases, consultation structures, tasks and responsibilities of all parties. Factors like time, quality, budget, organization, information, and risk management play an important role in this. As the customer’s advocate, we find the perfect balance between all of these factors, and the various internal and external requirements.

Project directorship
As delegated project director, we are responsible for the completion of the project on time, on budget and in line with the set requirements. Drees & Sommer supports you with selecting, contracting and managing the various parties involved, monitoring the quality to be delivered, and, possibly, monitoring the interaction between the organizational change and accommodation move, internally and externally.

Planning, budget, and quality  
During the design, tender and implementation phases, we monitor the plan using agile planning processes. We use strict controls to direct costs and planning and ensure that the required quality standards are achieved.

Our services

  • Strategic accommodation plan: developing a future-proof vision based on accommodation requirements, that fits with your organization, goals, and employee needs. We consider quality, quantity, financing, functionality, maintenance, and sustainability.
  • Design brief: we translate the accommodation ambitions of your organization into a future-proof design brief featuring spatial, functional, technical, and financial requirements. This serves as the basis for the design or as the tender for developers or investors.
  • Feasibility studies: insight into the functional, financial, and technical feasibility of an accommodation plan or development.
  • Plan assessment: technical, functional, aesthetic, and legal assessment of your construction plans.
  • System Engineering (UAV GC): methodology to underpin, verify and validate contractual requirements.
  • Design management: creation and management of the design team to perfectly translate the brief into a fully-fledged design. We ensure a flexible and agile approach to also help optimize planning.
  • Process management: improving existing structures, processes, and functions with an agile approach, to increase effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Integral design and realization management: an integral approach ensures that all components of a project are working well together. This means negative effects can be identified and tackled at an early stage.
  • Contract management: setting up and guiding the perfect type of contract and organization structure for a better result, while minimizing risks.
  • Procurement and contract award advice: overseeing (international) procurement activities with knowledge of the market and types of contracts, based on quality requirements and budgets.
  • Risk management: using the Risman methodology, we identify and analyze risks to create risk-management measures and monitor these continuously.

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