Project Management

Project Management

As a professional project department, Drees & Sommer supports you during the course of a construction project with the activities that you want to outsource. Our knowledge and expertise ensure the successful delivery of your project(s) and the realization of goals.

Our project control services offer you professional support with regard to challenges in terms of time schedules, project costs, quality organization and internal communication. The customer’s representative retains the management function and is the first point of contact for the project manager.

Drees & Sommer can also look after the entire project management by taking on the customer’s management function. The client generally transfers the functions which can be delegated to the project manager. In most cases, customers use this option if there are complex projects, or they are clients that lack the requisite management expertise or have insufficient capacity.

With our Project Management Office (PMO) service, we work with the customer in integrated teams. Here we are responsible for managing multiple projects at different locations and levels of complexity. 

We implement and use agile planning processes with the focus on budget and costs. We use value engineering to find optimal technical and financial solutions. We manage time schedules and project costs through precise controls. In addition, we guarantee the quality, health and safety standards that form part of the requirements.




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