Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting

Often, a building has a functional purpose. It is a piece of infrastructure that facilitates a core business. But sometimes things are different. Portfolio flexibility, cost optimization, digitalization, location development, new working environment, and sustainability are just some examples of the challenges in the professional real estate management sector.

Property investments
Our advisory reports provide you with a safe and value-focused verdict for property investments, with effective measures to improve the performance of your property. Drees & Sommer offers a targeted combination of management and construction technical expertise, on the one hand, and commercial and business expertise on the other.

Transparency and in-depth knowledge about the property form the basis of a successful transaction, whether you’re buying or selling. Our technical and commercial due diligence puts you in the position to make a concrete assessment of the quality of your property, in order to determine risks, deal breakers, and possible means to increase value, while ensuring you a return on your investment.

Our services

  • Technical Due Diligence (TDD): analysis of the state of a property from a technical and environmental point of view. With intersections on the fiscal, commercial, and legal levels, as part of property transactions, for insight into costs, risks, and quality of the property investment.
  • 360 (TDD) assessment: expansion on the regular TDD based on analysis and advice on smart buildings, electric mobility, circular economy, CO²-neutrality and ‘Environmental, Social & Governance’ (ESG) factors.
  • Monitoring: on behalf of the purchasing party, we monitor the construction during the realization phase, for adherence to planning, quality, and risks.
  • NEN 2767 condition assessment (Dutch Standard) and BOEI inspection: we objectively and uniformly assess the physical quality of the building and installations and identify faults, for example, as part of creating a Multi-Year Maintenance Plan (MYMP).
  • Strategy and scenario analysis: analysis to create a feasibility assessment for the project on a financial level, including desired ambitions and risks.
  • Technical facility management: a good condition assessment and MYMP form the basis of a good maintenance policy. We support you in setting up a strategy, optimizing procurement issues, contracts, and maintenance activities with a multi-year financial and technical plan. The facilities organization is viewed from an organizational and user perspective.
  • NEN 2580 (Dutch Standard) surface measurements: exact and uniform calculation of the square meters of a building, distinguishing net and gross floor area, free letting space, and the user area. For example, to have structural and installation technical drawings for facility management or for rental discussions.
  • Tailored sustainability advice: research on measures for improving the sustainability performance of properties. This includes energy saving measures (gas, electric, heating and cooling). This can be expanded to sustainability measures at the level of water-saving, waste management and material use, etc.

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