UX & Workplace Consulting

UX & Workplace Consulting

Many accommodation projects focus primarily on design and technical implementation. In many cases, research into what the end users need and want happens far too late, or not at all. This is a missed opportunity, as the success of your organization depends, to a large extent, on the immediate working, learning or care environment, and the well-being of your employees.

Future-proof work environment
Big trends like globalization, digitalization, individualization, mobility, urbanization, and knowledge-based economy are all having a fundamental impact on the work environment. A workplace is more than just an office. It’s a place where colleagues come together. More importantly, a work environment is like a business card for your organization – a catalyst for change and an important source of drive, productivity, and creativity. The work of the future demands flexible structures and the development of new workplace concepts. It’s less about square meters, and more about quality. The user experience is becoming an increasingly central concern.

User experience (UX) approach
Drees & Sommer develops workplace concepts based on a UX design methodology. Using co-research techniques, we explore who the users of the building are, what they do, and what their everyday experiences are. We investigate, study, discover, and validate ideas from different perspectives to get the best insight. We translate our insights into integrated solutions that can anticipate the needs of the employer and end user. Then, we design a workplace concept that supports both employees in their daily work as efficiently as possible, as well as the company, with a space that radiates the corporate vision. What makes your company unique and what experiences does it offer its employees? How do you ensure that your people feel connected to the company? These things help to make a company culture. It’s the art of fusing technology, functionality, design, facilities, and branding with the user experience. This user experience underlines what your organization stands for and contributes to your success.

Our services

  • Accommodation vision: we research external influences, such as development plans, legislation, ownership structure, and local building regulations. We present various scenarios for portfolio optimization and the accompanying economic feasibility studies.
  • Ambition/vision/strategy: a strategic approach from the start of the project, with vision, requirements, goal setting, and key values. The strategic design briefing translates this vision into guidelines and decision-making criteria for all project phases.
  • Design: research and observations from, and interviews with, end users, allow us to get unique insight for solutions which anticipate the needs of the user. We translate rooms and buildings into positive user experiences. We do this on an interior-design level, considering daylight, height, and view, which all improve the well-being and productivity of users. We also get involved in brand design. Our aim is to strengthen your brand and brand promise for both the market and job market.
  • Workplace concept: we offer you tailored solutions with a holistic view of the working environment.
  • Space planning: creating a room plan (test fit) on the basis of the necessary functions and surface area. From zoning (area plan) to a detailed room layout.
  • Design management: the design brief defines the quantitative and qualitative requirements and criteria before the design begins, and we use it throughout the coordination of the design process as a measurable framework for all involved parties. This helps us manage planning, quality, and budget with clear communication and information.
  • Change management: we use efficient communication and early involvement of workers, to create the support and acceptance necessary to successfully implement a change in both workplace and working method.

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