Drees & Sommer opens new London office

The leading German construction and real estate consulting company has established a new national office in London.

Following our successful projects in the UK, a new office in London was the logical step to strengthen client relationships as well as our international expansion”, says Sascha Hempel, Partner of the Drees & Sommer Group and responsible for the new business in the UK.

Drees & Sommer offers in-depth real estate investment consulting as well as automotive, industrial and public-sector expertise, meeting very specific needs when it comes to construction and real estate. Having managed large-scale projects – such as lean management for the London Underground, construction management for Ford Daventry College and project management for Jaguar Land Rover – the company is now in a position to develop the UK market strategically.

“London is the gateway for financial institutions entering the real estate market in continental Europe. Portfolio managers in London make real estate investment and divestment decisions, and need high-quality technical due diligence support to evaluate and optimize their portfolios,” says Lawin Chandrakumaran, Head of Real Estate Investment Consulting at Drees & Sommer in London.