Drees & Sommer Survey: Current Trends in Construction Prices in Germany

Prices for construction are currently around 7 percent higher on average than many principals and clients have budgeted for.These are the key findings of the Drees & Sommer survey of construction cost trends.

In all, 102 construction and engineering experts in our firm took part in the current survey and contributed their assessments of the current trends in construction prices. According to those surveyed, general contracting services and more technical trades in particular are an average of over 10 above the planned costs. Additionally, responses to request for quotations are at a very low level for constructional steelwork, metalwork, roof and façade work and glass façades, so that substantial price increases are to be anticipated here as well.

From August through September 2017, the responsible product supervisors compared and evaluated the budgets prepared by principals with the actual job costs for structural and technical building performances. Across all trades, the underlying construction volume on the basis of awards for the years 2016/2017 came to EUR 9.8 billion for 14 German federal states. The result: on average, the overall price increase for all trades comes to 6.8 percent Germany-wide.